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Wedding Cakes!

Getting creative with your cake design is a wonderful way to showcase your personal touch in your wedding. How will you get imaginative with your cake? Below I have listed the cake trends of 2016-2017. I also have an easy cake serving chart to make sure you order the correct amount for your wedding!


Couples are always looking for new and exciting ways of stamping their personality on their wedding day. But between choosing out the perfect napkin color or filling yet another favor bag with customized skittles, sometimes a couple gets lost in the mundane bits. Enter the chalkboard cake: a truly unique wedding cake that is completely up to the couple to create.


Watercolors are one of the most romantic art mediums, and the technique can be applied to wedding cake designs in many beautiful ways. Watercolor cakes are perfect for couples who love to show creativity, freedom, and personality, while keeping the overall theme soft and romantic.

Lace details

Lace isn’t just for your wedding dress anymore. If you are looking for an elegant wedding cake with a touch of vintage to match your dress, a laced cake is definitely for you! This lovely, feminine texture is perfect for your romantic confection.

Naked Rustic

“Naked” cakes are becoming increasingly popular with couples looking to have a simple or rustic wedding! A naked cake is an unfrosted, classic sponge cake layered to perfection. They can be beautifully topped with lush flowers, filled with fresh fruits, or decorated with personalized designs or toppers.


There are so many different ways to have a vintage inspired wedding cake. The lace design of your wedding dress or cascading sugar flowers in the rustic pinks, lilacs, greens or soft beige or if you have birdcages as part of your décor, a birdcage wedding cake would be the perfect fit for your day.

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