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Wedding BAR

Everyone can appreciated a good cocktail bar, but sometimes the best bars serve food! Food is one way that your personality can come into your wedding.

And, there's no trend that I am hooked on more than build-your-own food bars. Check out these awesome food bar ideas that will have your guests talking!

I hope this list below will help get your juices flowing on the bar options you can have at your own wedding!

  1. Potato Bar

  2. Build-your-own burrito Bar

  3. Popsicle Bar

  4. S’mores Bar

  5. Old-fashioned Soda Bar

  6. Candy Bar

  7. Pickle Bar

  8. Biscuit Bar

  9. Oreos Bar

  10. Pie Bar

  11. Sundae Bar

  12. Salsa Bar

  13. Donut Bar

  14. Grilled Cheese Bar

  15. Waffle Bar

  16. Milk and Cookies Bar

  17. Popcorn Bar

  18. Burger Bar

  19. Taco Bar

  20. Hot Chocolate Bar

  21. Bread Bar

  22. Olive Bar

  23. Sushi Bar

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