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Put on your “DANCING SHOES”

Who wants to dance the night away in heels!? In my years of wedding planning, I have seen a minimal amount of guests who bring a pair of flip flops for the reception later in the night. But what about all the guests who do not think of wearing comfortable shoes or forget to bring a spare and want to break it down on the dance floor later on in the night? And remember, not everyone is trying to brave the dance floor in bare feet, so offer the option of flip flops for your guests.

Give your guests’ feet a break with complimentary flip flops at the reception. There are a lot of ways to get creative with this idea as well. For example, creating size labels for the flip flops with your wedding colors, or designating one color for every flip flop size that you have. This also makes it easier for your guests and will avoid any hold up when your guests go to find their size.

Some cute tag lines that I have seen are the following:

“Save your soles and Dance!”, “Dancing Shoes”, “Dancing Feet”, “Kick off your Heels”, “Sole Mates”, “A Little Treat for your Dancing Feet”, “If your feet are tired and sore grab a pair to dance some more!”, “Dance the night away”

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