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The TIMING of your wedding is EVERYTHING

Have a Daytime Wedding!

Have a Brunch Wedding!


Breakfast and lunch cost less than dinner, so consider having daytime wedding. Most social events are in the evening, which drives up demand and therefore, pricing. You almost always pay a premium for a Saturday night wedding reception while Friday and Sunday nights cost a little less than a Saturday night. Also, depending on your venue, food and beverage costs may be lower. Breakfast foods are cheaper and guests tend to drink less during the day, so your bar tab will be lower. Also, some vendors might offer you a discount because they may be able to handle your wedding in addition to a night event.

If your favorite venue is booked, check the venue’s availability for a brunch wedding, because those times tend to be more open.

Not only does this option save money for you, but it can help save for your guests. If your brunch wedding ends in the early afternoon, guests might not need to book an overnight hotel room!

The menu for a brunch wedding can be an assortment of foods, from breakfast foods like BACON and eggs, to lunch items like mini sandwiches, salads. An assortment of pastries and bagels are also an option. I recently went to a wedding that served breakfast at the reception. The options were endless! They had stations for a made-to-order omelette, and make your own pancakes with endless topping options.

Also, who doesn't want a donut wedding cake!?

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