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For todays topic we talk about how to repurpose wedding flowers from your ceremony to your reception. We love when any of your wedding decor can do double duty and flowers are the easiest to make work for you. We’ll start with that one that so many brides forget – making sure there’s a place for your bouquets! Ok. You spend a ridiculous amount of money on flowers for your bridesmaids bouquets. Why not repurpose those flowers as decor for your reception? I was planning a wedding in September of 2015 and the bride was brilliant in coming up with that idea (I wish I came up with that idea). Once the ceremony was done, I ran and took the bouquets from the 4 bridesmaid and placed them in their proper vases that I had set up before all the guests arrived at the venue site.

Moving your ceremony flowers to your reception site can be a game-changer when it comes to repurposing wedding flowers. But it takes a little creativity and a some advance planning. When you meet with your florist, ask about options for using flowers that flank the alter or are used on the end of aisles later in the day. It’s becoming a more common practice, so your florist might have a few tricks up his or her sleeve to make your flowers work extra hard for you.

If you have large arrangements at the top or bottom of your aisle, those can add lots of life to a buffet or dessert table at your reception. Small arrangements hanging from the end of the aisle can be set on your dinner tables to add volume and texture to your table decor.

If you have other wedding events leading up to the big event, consider repurposing those flowers as well. If you have flower arrangements planned for your rehearsal dinner, it can be an easy transition to have those flowers decorate your ceremony site. Sometimes your florist will even be able to take some of those arrangements apart and create fresh new creations the morning of your wedding with those same flowers, saving you a bundle!

Once your wedding is over, all those flower arrangements from the tables and your ceremony can go a long way toward thanking your friends or family who have been a big help in wedding planning. Before your wedding kicks off, ask your planner or day-of coordinator to take care of making sure the flowers get to the right people – perhaps with a little thank you card for their help! They’ll be able to enjoy the arrangements all week and seeing them will remind them of your beautiful day!

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