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Save MONEY on Desserts

  1. Have a Simple Display Cake: It may be tempting to have an extravagant 5 tiered cake, but resist the temptation and have a simple two tiered cake and a large sheet cake in the back. *Remember, most people don’t eat the wedding cake anyway!

  2. Have a Cupcake Cake: Instead of a $500+ cake, you can spend less than $100 and have a beautiful tiered display of cupcakes. You could also send your guests home with a matching bode up mini cupcake as a wedding favor!

  3. Have a Sweets Bar: Go to your local drug store and pick out bags of candy to service in cute dishes for a candy buffet. Pick out cut little bags, or get small Chinese to-go boxes for your guests to put their favorite pieces in! You can also have different desserts like brownies, pies, ice cream and/or cookies for your guests to choose from. This is much cheaper than a wedding cake and a lot more fun!

  4. Serve Smaller Slices: If you have your heart set on having a particular wedding cake that is more on the pricey side, see if you can downsize and serve smaller slices to your guests. Most bakers charge by the slice, and if they’re getting two servings per slice, they might be able to give you a break.

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