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Save MONEY on Meal

Don’t Have a Sit-down Dinner: Serving heavy appetizers instead of a meal has been a recent trend. Guests have the opportunity to mingle more, and can still get satisfied from the appetizers. Plus, your wallet will thank you as well ;)

  1. Pick a Venue that Allows Outside Catering: In order to find the best deal, make sure your venue of choice allows you to use the caterer of your choice. This is not the case with many hotels that require you to eat their food.

  2. Check the Prices of Both Plated and Buffet Meals: It all depends and you should check the prices of both the plated meals and the buffet meals. Typically the buffet is cheaper but I have definitely seen some where the it is the more expensive option.

  3. Consider Stations: Similar to the idea of a buffet, the stations concept allows guests to visit different “stations” to get their food. You could have a carving station, a pasta station, a vegetable station, an asian inspired food station, and so on.

  4. Serve Family Style: Consider the option of giving food to the entire table, where the food is passed around just like at home. A pan of lasagna is much less expensive than 8 plates of filet mignon for a table!

  5. Order Take Out: There are no rules when it comes to food at a wedding, and if you and your spouse like pizza, then go on and order some! There are a ton of other items like Chinese food, or chicken wings and fries! It is your wedding, so serve food you love, and you could save BIG TIME.

  6. Have your FAM Cook: Have the famous cooks in your household get together to make their signature dishes. This idea could work great with either a buffet or family style service.

  7. Do NOT Serve Out of Season: Many foods are seasonal, so make sure you do not serve anything out of season, as this could get very pricey.

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