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If you're not into the traditional wedding cake, there's good news: You have many other options for your big-day dessert. You can trade in the cake for other sweets like cookies, macaroons, and ice cream. They key is to make sure you have enough to make a statement, and to feed all of your hungry guests.

One idea is to include a dessert bar or station that features sweets hand-picked by you and your fiancé. Not only will your guests love the assortment of indulgences, it's also a great way to flaunt your personality. In addition to a dessert bar, you can also have a chocolate fountain surrounded by strawberries, marshmallows, pretzels, and cookies. The options are endless. And remember, all of these ideas are NOT breaking the bank! A dessert bar might about you around $400, compared to a $1,000 wedding cake from a local bakery.

Love donuts? Consider a huge stack of assorted artisanal flavors, so guests can pick and choose from your favorites! Did you dunk cookies in milk every day after school for your entire life? Why not look into a clever stacked Oreo cookie cake you’ll love. As a bonus, many of these alternative options are easier on your budget when compared to a classic cake! Plus, they can be displayed at your reception all night long since they don’t have to be formally cut or served.

If you still want to have the cake-cutting moment, consider having a simple one-tiered cake to use for photo-ops.

Cupcakes are a fun alternative to wedding cake. And they have a real advantage when it comes to picky eaters: you can mix and match a wide variety of flavors so that there’s something for everyone. Also, cupcake towers become instant decor and focal points of your reception room.

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