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Save MONEY on Drinks

  • B.Y.O.B: When you book your wedding reception venue, make sure to ask if it is okay to bring your own beverages. By bringing your own beer, liquor and wine, you will not have to pay the inflated prices that the venue will charge if they were to provide that service.

  • Limit Open Bar: If your reception is for four hours, consider only having open bar for the first hour, or two. Many guests will have a drink when they arrive at the reception while they are waiting for the festivities to begin and will not have a second drink. Others will leave after dinner is served and will not even be there for the second half to enjoy the open bar. Another option is to close the bar during certain periods of the night, like during the dinner hour. Most guests will be busy eating and conversing and won’t need a beverage during that time.

  • Serve only Beer and Wine: Limit the types of alcoholic beverages served to just beer and wine so you will not have to pay for liquor. This will still give your guests who want to drink alcohol two good options to choose from.

  • Serve ONE Signature Drink: If you really want to serve liquor at your wedding, consider serving one signature drink, perhaps you and your future spouses’ favorite. It would be fun for the guests to try it out, and it would save you money since it would require limited alcohol.

  • Serve Non-Alcoholic Beverages: I went to a beautiful wedding that served a bunch of fun, fruity, non-alcoholic drinks, such as smoothies, juices, frozen mochas, and lattes.

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